Electronic Contract Management System

Year by year, as we make our way further into an increasingly paperless society where most data storage is confined to ‘the cloud’, the need for a traditional filing management system becomes less essential as online documentation begins to take over. More and more businesses are de-cluttering their offices and digitising their contracts and files for storage in their new electronic contract management system. If extra floor space and potential time and money savings appeal to you, there’s no better time than now to enquire about e-contract management with WebCM.

Your Comprehensive, All-In-One Package for Electronic Contract Management

WebCM is an online electronic contract management software package that allows you to store contracts of all kinds on the cloud. Whether it’s employment contracts with your staff, property rental contracts between property managers and tenants, or even contracts between retailers and suppliers, our software enables you to upload them all to a dedicated online storage holder where they can be accessed by anyone with suitable authorisation on their smartphone, tablet or other internet enabled device. Not only is it a cost-effective alternative to traditional contract management measures, as you no longer need to spend money on paper and other printing consumables, but the WebCM electronic contract management system also benefits the environment by requiring less paper and energy.

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With decades of experience in the field of contract management, contact us today to find out more about our digital storage and organisation options. You can also enjoy a 90 day trial of WebCM to discover the difference it can make to you and your business.