Contract Lifecycle Management

The 7 Benefits of a Contract Lifecycle Management System.

WebCM’s Contract lifecycle management (CLM) software revolutionises the way you manage your contracts. With one program you can centralise your contract storage, double-down on compliance and automate key aspects of your contractual agreements; from creation to execution.

Older style contractor management services require many hours, equipment, and people power to make them work for you. With WebCM contract lifecycle management software, all that’s needed is a device connected to the internet to:


  • Create your contracts easily with pre-approved templates and clauses, saving you time and administration costs.
  • Manage your procurement and sales contracts, internal agreements and licenses.
  • Accelerate the completion of your contract lifecycles by automating end to end processes.
  • Standardise your contract development for greater control.
  • Strengthen contractual, regulatory and operational compliance.

The 7 Benefits of WebCM Contract Lifecycle Management

Adopting a WebCM automated contractor management service:


  • Reduces the likelihood of contract risks.
  • Guarantees compliance with regulations.
  • Audits contracts for performance.
  • Keeps people focused on the project at hand, from beginning to end, creating greater efficiency.
  • Saves time and lowers your administration costs.
  • Provides greater visibility into corporate spend.
  • Provides personalised support from our in-house specialists on Australian time.

Why Choose WebCM for Your Contract Lifecycle Management Needs?

With so many software brands on the market, which one do you choose? Generally, it’s the software with the best features, user-friendly functionality and price that informs your choice – and we’ve been told that we do well on all three! There’s no need to just take our word for it though, try our automated contractor management services for yourself, with a no-obligation 90-day free trial. You’ll discover that WebCM:


  • Recognises almost any type of contract or agreement, offering governance for all of your short- and long-term contracts ranging from supplier agreements to software development, leases and more. It’s capable of managing sales AND supply contracts for the same client.
  • Is user friendly – All it takes is a quick click of a button to add new and edit existing contracts on WebCM.
  • Is adaptable to almost any contractual situation – As every contract is unique, you need a management software package with the flexibility to provide a tailored and individual solution without compromising the management of the contracts as a whole.

For contract management software that delivers above and beyond your expectations, contact us at WebCM for a demo or to start your free trial today.