Chris from WebCM Speaking @ 2017 PASA Aged Care Conference

Chris Wilson (Founder of WebCM), will be speaking at the PASA Aged Care Conference to be held at Rosehill on 29 and 30 March. He will be talking about the benefits of automating compliance and contract management in the aged care industry. Chris will also be manning the Contracts Online stand at the conference so feel free to drop by and say... read more

WebCM @ 2017 PASA ProcureTech

WebCM will be attending and exhibiting at the 2017 PASA ProcureTech Conference on the 22nd and 23rd of February in Melbourne. Come and visit us at stand 10 to discuss trends in contract management, learn more about WebCM, see a demonstration of WebCM in action. read more

WebCM @ PASA Aged Care Conference

WebCM spent two exciting and productive days at the PASA Aged Care Conference last week. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat. Through great discussions with attendees and exploring the challenges being faced, we were able to get a deeper understanding of the common challenges across the industry. Some of these were similar to what you’d see in other industries and others very unique to the challenges. Working with the procurement professionals we were able to identify several ways in which WebCM would help address the needs of their organisations. Contact us to find out how WebCM can help meet the unique challenges in procurement and governance in the Aged Care... read more

Vendor audits – are they worth it?

Vendor audits – are they worth it? This is the question posed by a LinkedIn discussion group and WebCM Director/procurement guru Denis Henry.  “Vendor audits are necessary but, when the level of trust and confidence between the parties is implicit, they are beyond their use by date.” Read the full article... read more

WebCM Groupies

Following our latest update, WebCM now has group functionality!  Users within an organisation can now be combined into groups, which will provide all users of a group with the same visibility and functionality across multiple contracts. This provides organisations with greater control over how their staff interact with and manage contracts.  You... read more

Geek speak

With the promise of their very own propeller hats, we got our IT dudes to upgrade the infrastructure of WebCM over the Christmas and New Year period.  The improvements will mean an even more secure and reliable platform, giving you more time for what’s really... read more

WebCM goes viral…

The first of our training videos has been uploaded to YouTube! Having trouble uploading a file in WebCM? Simply click here for an easy to understand, step by step guide.  Keep your eye on YouTube for more great content to come from... read more

How to stifle innovation

Want to stifle innovation in your business? Of course you don’t.  However, if you fancy giving it a whirl, check out this blog post with the 9 rules to stifling innovation. Of course, you may want to scroll down further to see how you can best nurture innovation amongst your suppliers in order to best benefit your business.... read more


Following a successful presentation in New Zealand, we’re looking towards a bright future! WebCM was developed by people who actually do contract management for a living, as opposed to software builders alone, so we know what really makes a difference to your lives. We see a future where we measure the supplier relationship as much as the governance of the contract thanks to WebCM. Drop us a line and see how we can help your contract management... read more

Through the contract life cycle

Good contract  management depends on systems which require communication between the parties. This is ‘parties’ in the widest sense ie. all of those that touch the contract during its term. WebCM is a comprehensive solution which allows you manage not only the supplier side and the buyer side but also the “service takers”, ie those who receive the services or goods being provided by the... read more