Contract Management Software

These days, there are contracts for just about everything, from contracts with employees or suppliers through to contracts with clients and contractors. These contracts serve the important function of providing a documented agreement that can always be referred to whenever there is dissatisfaction or when something in the agreement needs to be clarified. In a corporate world that’s looking to a paperless future but will still hold multiple digital copies of contracts, there needs to be a contract administration software package that makes the management of those contracts as easy as possible. When you’re looking for online contract management software that is accessible any time and any place and operates independently of your business’ communications infrastructure, turn to WebCM.

The Benefits of Contract Management Software from WebCM

If there’s one factor that helps set any product or service provider apart from their competition, it’s their Unique Selling Point (USP for short). The key USP for WebCM contract administration software is the way that the system is so easily configurable to suit the needs of different businesses. Come to us when you need management software for:

  • Legal contracts
  • Government contracts
  • Vendor contracts
  • Hospital contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Software licensing, including Microsoft contracts

There are also numerous benefits that come with implementing a contract management software sharepoint like WebCM. For example, it comes stacked with a variety of features, including the ability to:

  • Access any contract from any business, anywhere at any time
  • Enjoy a user friendly design
  • Receive notifications directly to your inbox
  • Choose from a range of languages
  • Receive automatic reporting

One of the greatest benefits that comes from WebCM is the ability to try before you buy with an obligation-free 90 day demo trial. Discover the benefits of contract management software for yourself by downloading your free WebCM trial demo today. You can also learn more by calling 1300 699 322 or sending an email to


At WebCM we have developed our own software to bring you powerful but easy to use contract management solutions. Offering much more than standard file storage solutions, our online collection of tools and systems has been designed to help organisations share and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers. Utilising amongst other features, content management systems and dashboards, allows users to monitor and examine the status of particular business processes.

Our custom software has been developed to offer the maximum in configurability; all types of contracts including legal, governmental and even software licences can easily be managed by our systems. We know that we can provide exactly what your company needs as we tailor our contract management service to perfectly complement your requirements.

And when your business grows and evolves and your needs change, our systems can readily be adapted without any compromise to the integrity or security of your information.

Loaded with features that make WebCM simple and intuitive to use, including online video tutorials to help you get the best from WebCM, you can confidently give varying levels of access to an unlimited number of individuals. However, security is always high on the agenda and only users that you authorise will ever have access.

Our software is 100% reliable and has been designed to comply with ISO2700 which means that you have the confidence of knowing that your information assets and intellectual property are always safe and secure.

In a modern business environment, even small companies will have literally dozens of contracts. Inevitably, some contracts will have more importance than others, but if some contracts are legally binding, you must have a suitable legal contract management software package to ensure that both parties meet their obligations. Fortunately, at WebCM, we have state-of-the-art legal contract management programs to help you address these issues.

Of course, we provide several other solutions in terms of contract management software besides legal contract management. As we all make the all-important shift to becoming a paperless society, having a digital filing process is essential. Documents need to be accessible at any time and from any location, especially with an increasing amount of people now working from home. As this will undoubtedly present some security issues, having a system that operates independently from your company’s usual communication network and infrastructure is recommended, and this is where WebCM can help.

There are multiple benefits of using legal contract management and other software from WebCM. We pride ourselves on our Unique Selling Point; that our system is easy to configure for all companies working across several business sectors. It doesn’t require any significant training, so it is more user-friendly than many other options out there on the market. All reporting can be automated with notifications sent directly to your inbox. For global operators with clients and offices worldwide, it is also available in a variety of languages.

So, if this is something you’re interested in, why not try our 90-day free trial?