The Licensing model for WebCM is different to other SaaS vendors. We don’t charge license fees based on user numbers. Clients and their suppliers can have unlimited user accounts. This is an important attribute when deploying a systemic and organisation wide compliance system.

We charge on the number of Active Contracts held in the repository. Number of Active Contracts multiplied by the applicable rate (based on total volume of contracts) equals the monthly pricing.

However for many larger clients we are happy to agree to fixed monthly fees against a cap on the number of active contracts. Around 50% of our clients prefer this approach as it provides cost certainty….and it makes our life easier as well.

Importantly, Inactive Contracts (Closed Contracts) are held in WebCM but do not contribute to the number of chargeable contracts. There is no limit to the number of inactive or closed contracts that can be held within WebCM.

Contracts Online is a volume business that is highly scalable. As the number of contracts held in the repository increases, our fixed costs impacting unit rates reduces. The benefit of our cost structure are that no price increases have ever been placed on any of our customers since inception of the business in 2012.

To encourage growth, Contracts Online has a reducing scale of pricing as the volume of contracts increases.

The highest rate we have is $15* per contract per month. The lowest rate we have is $1.25* per contract per month. Talk to us about the number of contracts and we’ll come up with a rate for you.

Further, encapsulated within this one charge is all training, system configuration, help desk and any other on demand services. This makes our fee model very transparent and auditable every month.

Remember these rates all include:

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited number of documents associated with each contract record
  • Unlimited number of tasks or obligations associated with each contract record
  • Unlimited number of different contract record templates [think lease, services, ICT, contractor etc]
  • Configured drop down lists to reflect your business – regions, sites, categories – whatever makes your business reporting meaningful
  • Includes an account manager for all your service issues

If you need some contract administration services as well, please talk to us.

*Excludes GST.