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Any Contract, Any Business
Any Contract, Any Business Not all contracts are the same. You need different templates and different lingo. WebCM is flexible, customisable and multilingual.
Unlimited Access
Unlimited Access Everyone who is associated with a contract can access it, whether they’re a supplier or employee. With everyone looking at the same information, you’re bound to improve outcomes and relationships.
Notifications Notifications are automated and sent direct to your inbox, letting you know when a key date is coming up. No more excuses for missing a review or milestone.
Automatic Reporting
Automatic Reporting Traffic light reporting lets you see the status of your contracts at a glance – red requires action, orange needs some attention and green is all good.
Multilingual Currently fluent in English and Maori and a fast learner of any language, WebCM can be configured so that everyone can use it in their native language.
Anywhere, Anytime
Anywhere, Anytime WebCM can be accessed from anywhere at any time. With no installation, you can be up and running in under 15 minutes.
Workflows Configurable workflows guide users through each task, with prompts for when and what comes next.
Training Videos
Training Videos Training videos are embedded throughout the system allowing you to quickly understand each task request.
Action Lists
Action Lists Maintain action lists between you and all your supplier relationship managers. Keep track of all those little operational improvements or reworks.
Performance Management
Performance Management Record, track and report on KPIs by contract and groups of contracts.
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement Continuous improvement in the commercial relationship – engage and collaborate for reduction in risk and reduction in costs.
Process Process and track the execution of contract by both parties.
Dynamic Environments
Dynamic Environments Add fields, delete fields as business needs change over time without loss in data integrity

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