Implementing your Contact Management Software: 3 Tips for Faster User Adoption

Implementing your Contact Management Software: 3 Tips for Faster User Adoption

Implementing your Contact Management Software: 3 Tips for Faster User Adoption

December 8 2021 by webcm

So, you’ve decided to make the switch from a manual system to Contract Management Software. You’ve probably researched, shopped around and taken a few test drives with free trials. You’ve made your case. Finally, the decision has been made and the software has been purchased.

Now the time has come to implement your new system across your organisation.

You cannot wait to make your life easier! Less stress, more time to focus on other tasks and the genuine gratitude of all those who deal with contracts in your organisation will soon be yours…you’re thinking high fives, promotions and parties thrown in your honour.

All you have to do is seamlessly change from your old system to a new one – which means your people need to adopt it.

The Challenges of Change

In many organisations, Contract Management Software will touch several departments, staff and contracts. A major system disruption will set everyone back – think death stares and bad vibes, instead of high fives.

That’s why it’s important to consider how to work with your people for a successful outcome. Your software vendor will help with the implementation process, but ultimately, how quickly your people choose to adopt the new system depends entirely upon you and your organisation.

People will be People

Ultimately, the people using your system will be the ones who make the implementation a success. But, as creatures of habit, we humans can be a little resistant to change. We require plenty of information, notice and training to get comfortable with a new system. Implementing in a vacuum rarely works; so, it’s far better to bring your people with you and involve them as much as possible in the stages of transition.

Remember these 3 tips when you’re making your implementation plan:


Whether you have an implementation team assembled or it’s just you leading the charge, there’s sure to be plenty of users affected. Keeping up a two-way communication with all of them, and not just a select few is important. Make sure that you make the following clear to your users: Firstly, they need to understand that a new system based on Contract Management Software will mean changes to procedures. Secondly, changing the system will mean big improvements and specific benefits. It’s a good idea to list these benefits and generate interest. Thirdly, reassure personnel that plenty of notice and training will be given around the new system roll-out. Take the time to listen to any concerns or answer any questions they might have. It’s useful to remember that user input will help you fine tune your processes as you transition to a new system. If you can keep up a two-way communication, you’ll be able to address any issues as they arise and plan for improvements later.


To assist staff as they find their way around the new Contract Management Software, call on your vendor for support. Training manuals and videos along with useful advice will all get your users up to speed. By selecting a few members of each department first for hands-on, in-depth training they will display user confidence to the rest of their colleagues. Let staff see for themselves how easy the software is to use and how it can improve workflow. Another point to remember is that each user should receive software training specifically for their role, whether it be all areas of lifecycle management, or just reporting if that is the only feature, they’ll be utilising. Also, schedule regular Q&As and drop-in sessions to hear feedback and listen to progress and concerns.


Throughout the implementation process, keep reminding users there will be a payoff for changing to a new system. Remind them that contract lifecycle times will be reduced and that their capacity to handle a higher volume of contracts will increase. Your organisation’s bottom line will be healthier too, as time is no longer wasted manually searching for and tracking contracts and fixing up invoicing errors. There will be less stress and more productivity. Sharing these expected results with users will encourage an enthusiastic adoption process.

As the old saying goes: Your organisation is only as good as your people. Getting your Contract Management Software implementation right the first time, requires a people-focused mindset. It’s your people that will be using the software, so remembering them in your implementation plan is key. Thousands of organisations have already made the successful switch to Contract Management Software. Whether a company is large or small, the resulting jump in efficiency and effectiveness is always pronounced, and staff will be keen to experience this. Avoid death stares and bad vibes – plan well, and plan ‘people’ – and it’ll be high-fives all-round.

Here at WebCM we offer full support in the lead-up, during and after your software implementation. We also help you tailor your system and customise automation according to your needs. With years of experience between us, our team will guide your business through its digital Contract Management transformation every step of the way. Let us show you how easy it can be!